Ronit Kushnir

Ronit, an Israeli-Canadian, has been practicing art her whole life, and has more then 30 years of art experience. At the age of sixteen, she studied privately, life drawing and oil painting. She had earned a degree from Humber College in Interior Design and soon after began to work for an architectural firm. Ronit went on to open her own design and consulting business and also instructs fine art for children and adults out of her own studio. Over the past twenty years, Ronit taught as a volunteer at numerous schools, through out the GTA.

Over the last 10 years Ronit has exhibited her art at several galleries and has successfully participated in many juried and non juried shows. Her works have been published and hang in private and corporate locations.

Ronit has a true passion for her art and love of life as described in her artist statement:

“My images are influenced by my life’s experiences. My works focus on my fascination with the natural beauty of the world, its many creatures and the dynamics of the people in it. I enjoy watching people and how they relate to one another in their surroundings. People can be complex subjects, and can forget to live in the moment and how to enjoy life and what it brings. . My desire is to share a sense of myself through images that can pull out feelings of joy, peace and empowerment from the viewer…..if my art work gives people joy then in turn it gives me joy and that’s a positive cycle.”

By using rich bold colors, with a primitive and illustrative style of painting, Ronit create’s strong images which can pull out feelings of joy, peace, and empowerment, from the viewer. This is a great tool to lighten up life’s serious maters.” My life forces, my psychological approach to living, my spiritual growth, and strong political views are what keep my creativity developing.”

Instructional Art

2010 to the present,

Ronit Kushnirs Art Studio

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2005   Skylight Gallery, Aurora, Ontario
  • 2004   Mill Pond Gallery, Richmond Hill. Ontario
  • 2003   New Yorker Theater, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2002 - 2003,   Vaughan Library, Dufferin/Clark, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2002  Young Dancers of Canada,  Thornhill, Ontario


Group Exhibitions

  • 2013  Art expo, Thornhill Ontario
  • 2013 Heintzman House Invitational Art Show, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2012 Thornhill Studio Tour, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2012 Heintzman House Invitational Art Show, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2011, Thornhill Studio Tour, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2011, Heintzman House Invitational Art Show, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2011, Toronto Botanical Gardens, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2010, Thornhill Studio Tour, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2010, Heintzman House Invitational Art Show, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2009, Thornhill Studio Tour, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2009, Heintzman House Invitational Art Show, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2009, Door Open Vaughan, MacDonald House, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2008, Heintzman House Invitational Art Show, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2008, Art at the Castle, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2008, Thornhill Studio Tour, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2008, Toronto Art Expo, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2007, Heintzman House Invitatinal Art Show, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2007, Thornhill Studio Tour, Thornhill , Ontario
  • 2006, Bayview Village Art Show, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2006, Kathleen Gormley McKay Art Center, Unionville, Ontario
  • 2006, Heintzman House Invitational Art Show, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2006, Thornhill Studio Tour, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2005, Coop on Scollard, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2005, Thornhill Studio Tour, Thornhill, Ontario. (juried)
  • 2004, Richmondhill Studio Tour, Mill Pond Gallery, Richmondhill, Ontario (Juried)
  • 2004, Arts Aurora, Aurora town hall, Aurora, Ontario (juried, honorable mention)
  • 2004, Mill Pond Gallery, Richmond Hill, Ontario (juried)
  • 2003, Arts and Culture Vaughan, City Playhouse, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2003, Richmondhill Studio Tour, Mill Pond Gallery, Richmondhill, Ontario
  • 2003,  Mill Pond Gallery, Richmondhill, Ontario
  • 2003,  Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2003,  Arts Aurora, Aurora town hall, Aurora, Ontario (juried)
  • 2002,  Arts and Culture Vaughan, City Playhouse, Thornhill, Ontario
  • 2002,  Mill Pond Gallery, Richmondhill, Ontario
  • 2002, Art in the Park, Markham, Ontario
  • 2002,  Mill Pond Gallery, Richmondhill, Ontario
  • 2002,  Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2002,  “Artistic solitude’s”, Mill Pond Gallery, Richmondhill, Ontario
  • 2001,  “Artistic Celebrations” Mill Pond Gallery, Richmondhill, Ontario
  • 2001,  “Art Focus”, Metro Hall, Toronto, Ontario (juried)
  • 2001,  Mill Pond Gallery, Richmondhill, Ontario
  • 2001,  Art in the Park, Markham, Ontario


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Professional Affiliation

  • Bita Art Studio, Art Instructor 2007
  • Richmond Hill Academy of Arts, Art Instructor 2006
  • Thornhill Visual Artists, 2005 to 2012, publicity chair.
  • Richmond Hill Group of Artists, 2001 to 2006, executive member 2002, 2003, 2004.
  • Visual Arts Ontario, 2001 to the present.


 Art Education

  • 1983-1987, Humber College (Interior Design)



  • 2002, Artful Creations print catalogue.


Additional Artists who are showing and teaching at the Studio:

Iska Preter

Iska was born in Israel but was raised in Brasil, where she spent most of her teenage years. Graduating from the Panamerican School of Art in Sao Paulo, in Advertising and Design, Iska was recognized as having a distinct and unique talent. It is in Brazil where she was exposed to the exotic and culturaly diverse background of the Brazilian people; graphically depicting their vivid and colourful foklore.

In 1972 Iska moved back to Israel where she attended the University of Haifa. It was from there that she graduated with a diploma in Arts. In addition, she studied at the Technicom School of Fine Arts where she obtained a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. It was there that she painted and developed her unique artistic style especially in oil colours. In 1990 Iska moved to Canada where she participated in numerous workshops and classes studying art theory, using both water colour and acrylics.

As part of her commitment to art and desire to introduce willing individuals to to various painting techniques, Iska also teaches adult groups to draw from personal experiences and depict these on canvas.

Iska's art work is a graphic representation of her intuitive and innovative mind, presented in colours and images influenced by her past and present experiences.


Khatcho Yazedjian

Khatcho was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1940 and is a descendant of Armenian parents. His artistic talent waevident at a young age when he earned his first award at the age of 12. He continued to pursue his passion by completing a four year comprehensive program at Leonardo Da Vinci Art College.

In 1970, Khatcho immigrated to Toronto with his family. The great Canadian landscape appealed to his love of nature and the creatures inhabiting it. Inspired and motivated, his passion for painting flourished. Utilizing watercolour as his preferred medium, Khatcho found his niche by capturing wildlife with a mystic transparency.

Khatcho continues to grow in his craft and inspire others by teaching varios workshops throughout Ontario.


Shannie Van Buren

Shannie Van Buren, artist and cartoon enthusiast, brings her distinctive style to every piece of art she produces, which applies festive colours, robust creativity, attention to detail, and often children's quirky subjects. She has created characters for children’s books, and recently received recognition as a ketubah artist for ketubah.com. Residing in Toronto, Canada, she received her Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communications at Ryerson University.

Working both digitally and traditionally, she is passionate about character design and children’s illustration and spends much of her free time cuddling with her dog, Storm, cooking delicious meals with her husband and sketching her favourite subjects, animals and children. 

Kathy Brumer

Kathy lives in Thornhill, and was born in Toronto.

She is an artist who loves creating many different types of art work. She started out at Klim School of Art, drawing and working with the figure for many years. Once she was comfortable with the figure she then moved onto explore painting. She has learned to use all mediums. She has spent many hours watching demo’s and has taken workshops, and classes over the years. In 2012, enrolled into art school program. During her time in school, has found other interests like ceramics, sculpture and photography. She is a now a graduate from Central Technical School of Art. Since finishing school she has been teaching and has been working on a body of work for her own solo shows.

Aaron Bengall

Aaron Bengall is a Canadian acrylic painter and visionary. He create artworks that tell stories, then packages and market them as books and educational resources. He able to share important life messages in a memorable way by showcasing these products using custom experiential point of purchase displays. These displays are featured at community events and are demoed during presentations and workshops.
His passion for self-expression prompted him to launch a community communication platform called Brain Library. Aaron's clients experience the thrill of having their ideas and dreams turned into a reality.
Vision: empowering people and organization to succeed by meaningfully sharing the stories of their lives.

 2016, Received government funding to accelerate the growth of my business called Brain Library by the ACCEL program for entrepreneurs at Centennial College.
 2016, Received Government funding to launch a business called Brain Library by the SBEC (Small Business Enterprise Centre Richmond Hill.
 2016, Official artist of the Vaughn Arts Festival ran by Rock Star Music School at the JCC in Richmond Hill.
 2016, Invited to Ontario Junior Citizenship Awards at Lieutenant Governor Suite at Parliament Hill because of a children’s book I made with a Type 1 Diabetic called ‘Preston’s Big Game.’
 2015, Commissioned to paint the story of a families snow storm home birth as a part of Footwork Orthotics London’s Marketing.
 2014, Featured in the London Metro Newspaper.
 2014, Featured on CTV News for ‘Preston’s Big Game’, an educational Type 1 Diabetes book I made with an 11 year old in London Ontario.
 2014, Official artist of JCC Richmond Hill’s international post card exchange.
 2014, Created and tested a series of educational music cards called Feel the Beat Music collectable trading cards at Rockstar Music School.
 2011-2015, Featured Artist at UTSC international development conference, Investing in
Children’s book camp magazine, the faculty of social science homepage, on Western University TV, Georgina Art Gallery, Maple Leaf Diary in Sutton.
 2008-2009, Written about by Mernie Beck, The Liberal for admirable community involvement.
 2009, Author and Artist of the children’s book ‘Feel the Beat’.
 Co-directed a high school play that was performed for students and parents.
 Successfully co-lead Langstaff Secondary School’s prom committee, while coordinating Prom
(design, booking venue and dj, financing, raising money, etc…).
 Took part in charity art shows for the Ronald McDonald’s children foundation, the make a wish
foundation and had a personal art show at Liss Gallery downtown.
 Received the Together we succeed award in elementary school for running a basketball clinic for third graders.